1. Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Dear Jagath,

It's good to hear from you. I hope that now, with the war over, more tourists are coming to Sri Lanka and giving you more business.

Here is my testimonial:

I have known Jagath since he was a teenager, when he was the personal attendant to my dear friend, the late Swiss Buddhist monk, Ven. Bhikkhu Sumedha, who lived in a cave near Jagath's village.

I can testify that Jagath is an upright and honest young man who has been trained well in Buddhist ethical principles. I have recommended several of my American friends and students who traveled to Sri Lanka to employ Jagath as a tour guide. They were highly pleased with his services.

I joined one such group for part of their tour in 2006. In addition to being knowledgeable about the history of Sri Lanka, its monuments and art, Jagath is also a careful driver. This is important in Sri Lanka where many drivers tend to drive recklessly and too fast.

I attach a photo of the two of us together when we were on tour in Sri Lanka.

Did you write to Marcie, Jane, George, Ester, and Deena for recommendations? They could happily provide them to you.

With metta,

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Chuang Yen Monastery

2020 Route 301

Carmel NY 10512


E-mail : venbodhi@gmail.com

 2. Ester Barias-Wolf

Dear Jagath,

I traveled with a group of friends on a pilgrimage to Buddhist historical sites a few years back. Jagath was recommended to be our guide throughout our stay. I cannot say enough good things about Jagath. He was professional, knowledgeable, personable and made every effort to accommodate and answer our questions whether it was about our travel itinerary or personal needs. We started our journey from Colombo and weaved all the way up to Anuradhapura where we attended Vesak ceremonies. Besides visiting Buddhist historical sites, Jagath also took us to shows, markets, restaurants and the countryside showcasing and sharing his Sri Lankan heritage and country’s history which were both educational and enchanting. My travel mates and I were very happy with Jagath’s personalized travel service. Speaking for myself, my trip is one of my most memorable trips to date and if given a chance to return, I would definitely hire Jagath as tour guide and driver again.

Ester Barias-Wolf

Pennsylvania, USA

E-mail : esterbwolf@gmail.com

 3. Hogen Bays

Dear Jagath,

I hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you again for the wonderful time we had traveling with you in Sri Lanka a few months ago. Thank you as well for the Buddhist Flag you donated to the monastery. Attached are a couple of photographs from when we raised it.
I will send out a notice to my Buddhist teacher friends about your guide services.
Here is a short testimonial that you are welcome to use. If you would like me to change it in any way please let me know.
with respect, in the Dharma,
"Twice we have had the good fortune to visit Sri Lanka and travel with Jagath. I would unequivocally recommend his services. He is a wonderful person responsible and responsive. He is full of insights about Sri Lankan culture and Buddhist history. Jagath was recommended to me by a good friend. With great confidence I have passed his name on to my friends!"

Hogen Bays


E-mail : hogen@zendust.org

 4. Chozen and Hogen Bays

Dear Jagath,

Here is a testimonial.
You can use any part of it that you like.
Jagath has been a wonderful guide for our two trips to Sri Lanka.He is very knowledgeable and considerate, going out of his way to make sure we had a good experience.We toured the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Pollonaruwa, were astounded by the art in the Dambulla caves, climbed to the top of Sigiria and Mihintali, and saw the amazing elephant parade at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy. Last year we enjoyed a new experience, an exciting tour of the wild animal park.
If you are interested in Buddhist sites, Jagath is an expert. You can see the living Bodhi Tree, brought from India by King Asoka's daughter just 200 years after the Buddha's death, the Aluvihara rock caves where the Pali canon was first written down on palm leaves, the huge stone trough used to feed the monks at Anuradhapura, many huge stupas and ancient Buddha statues, the original Abayaghiri Monastery, and many other heart-warming Buddhist historical sites.
Jagath is a great guide and trust worthy companion for anyone's trip to the beautiful (but relatively undiscovered) country of Sri Lanka.

Chozen and Hogen Bays

Oregon, USA

E-mail : chozen@zendust.org

 5. Nancy Kodo Conover

Hi Jagath:,

It is very nice to hear from you. Below is a testimonial. Attached are pictures:
In June of 2012 four of us from Zen Community of Oregon took a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka. Jagath Tours made the trip easy, interesting and worry free. Jagath is a great driver and a wonderful guide. He has in depth knowledge of his country and was able to recommended and take us to some of the the most amazing ancient Buddhist sites along with cultural and wildlife interests. Jagath was very sensitive to our interests and made our stay one that we will not forget. We hope to return to explore more of this delightful and varied country.
I highly recommend Jagath's Tours and would definitely use his services again whenever I return to Sri Lanka.

Nancy Kodo Conover

Portland, Oregon USA

E-mail : kodo.conover@gmail.com

 6. Nina Meledandri

Hi Jagath:,

We will travel to Sri Lanka only when Jagath is available for a tour. He kept our group informed, safe, and comfortable during our entire 7 day trip. His services were the most important part of our incredible visit to Sri Lanka. We are looking forward to our next vacation with Jagath! *.

Nina Meledandri,N.D., L.Ac

Naturopathic Physician

Licensed Acupuncturist

 7. Bibi Tucker

Dear Jagath:,

My boy friend and I took at tour of Sri Lanka with Jagath as our guide in 2009. It was one of the most fantastic adventures of my life! Jagath could not be a friendlier, more knowledgeable guide. He also translates and drives very well. We always felt safe and comfortable. I highly recommend him and trust that he does his best to please his clients. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful, lovely places in the world I have visited!

Bibi Tucker

California, USA

E-mail : bibisue@hotmail.com

 8. Deena

Dear Jagath:,

I am writing to you to thank you for the marvelous tour of Sri Lanka you gave us. Thanks to you we have come to love the country.
Your knowledge of the history and culture of the island nation was extraordinary; your car was as comfortable as our living room couch. You took us to the country, to the city, to the farms, to the magnificent beaches, and you knew all the best places to eat, sleep, and shop. It was a perfect trip thanks to you. Who knew you could get great pizza at the top of a mountain in Sri Lanka. I would return for the pizza alone.
I also want to thank you for finding us a reasonably priced hotel in the center of Kandy. The staff there became our friends, their food was excellent, and as I mentioned, you could not beat the price.
While we were in Sri Lanka we spoke to you often (even when you were not guiding us) to get your advice on a variety of issues, you were always so kind and understanding, never impatient).
The trip to the tea plantations was especially interesting and it was fun touring around them. I will never forget that place.
I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone seeking to understand and travel around Sri Lanka. Your price was reasonable and your extensive knowledge of the country was a bonus. Your English was great and we really appreciated that. Much Love,

Deena (Scherer) (otherwise known as madam)



 9. Yen & Gary

Dear Jagath:,

If you're thinking of touring magical Sri Lanka and need a professional and licensed guide, look no further than Jagath Tours.From the moment we reached out to him we felt at ease with his demeanor and flexible touring approach.

He's quick to reply on preliminary tour email questions and always has solid suggestions on how to get the most out of your trip. When we set up our tour he was willing to work with our itinerary, but also added to it so we were able to see so much more than we originally planned on. As a guide he's very approachable, patient, and knowledgable on the varying areas that Sri Lanka has to offer. He's a small business owner running his tours personally and passionately.

From the plethora of temples, to the thick of the safaris, he knew the ins-and-outs of the land and we always felt safe with the areas he took us to. Also important to note, he's an excellent driver who doesn't take unnecessary risks on the road.

From a characteristic viewpoint on Jagath I'd describe him as honest, caring, and gentle. A family man who loves his country and genuinely wants to share what it has to offer.
We felt fortunate to have Jagath as our personal Sri Lankan guide. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at gkata1@gmail.com

Yen & Gary

New York, New York

1. Phil & Fay Hawkey

Dear Jagath,

Here is my testimonial:

We travelled around Sri Lanka in November 2011 and had a wonderful time. The success of our holiday and the fondness of our memories for Sri Lanka and its people were largely down to D L B M C Jagath Wijesiri, BA.

We are quite seasoned travellers having visited 70 countries world-wide. Our preference is always to travel independently and we have used the services of tour guides many times before. Jagath is by far the best we have ever encountered!

Of course he does the basic things well but that is what you are paying for. His knowledge of the country, its history, peoples and culture are second to none. Where Jagath makes a huge difference is in the little things which really matter. Below are a few illustrations:

We found Jagath through an internet search and were initially impressed by his references. As soon as we booked his services he offered to help us with our pre-trip planning, making suggestions about our itinerary, travel times, accommodation arrangements etc. We were initially resistant to this but on reflection, every one of his ideas were better than decisions we had taken in our planning from the UK.

Jagath was incredibly sensitive to our needs, questioning us about the types of activities and sites that would appeal to us. At the end of each day we had an informal planning discussion for the following day. He was very flexible about timings, only ever pointing out delicately when we were trying to achieve ‘mission impossible’.

He was also hyper-sensitive to the personal things which matter, e.g. Sri Lanka has some unusual laws on the sale and consumption of alcohol. Retail sales outlets are hard to find, many hotels do not have bars and frequent religious holidays have an impact. A well timed question as to whether we had sufficient Lion Beer to see us through the coming evening was all it took!

Jagath was great in a crisis. One of our hotels could not accommodate us. He made one phone call and found us a perfectly good alternative.

We are not the best road travellers and Sri Lanka is a country where every driver, particularly of buses and lorries, seems to be trying for a place in the next Grand Prix! Jagath’s driving was safe and measured. He has the ability to anticipate problems and avoid them happening.

Jagath is a highly educated young man with excellent spoken English and a great sense of humour. His conversation is always interesting and he is very keen to learn about all manner of things. He has a very unassuming style and if you are very lucky, get him to tell you about his time as a Steward to a Buddhist monk – what a wonderful story.

Since returning to the UK we have been able to recommend Jagath to friends who have been as impressed as we were. What started for us as a straightforward relationship with a tour guide very quickly became a friendship. Jagath Wijesiri is a credit to himself, his family and his country.

With metta,

Phil & Fay Hawkey, September 2012

126 Penylan Road,Cardiff, UK, CF23 5RD

E-mail : philjhawkey@aol.com

 2. Iain McInally and Family

Dear Jagath,

We couldn't have been luckier to find Jagath as a guide and driver for the first part of our holiday in Sri Lanka. From the start he was helpful,courteous and highly professional. As the days passed we were also able to discover what good company he was and enjoyed his sense of humor. Very well informed and always discreet, he was the perfect host in this wonderful country

We highly recommend exploring Sri Lank with him.

Iain McInally and family

E-mail : symiain@libero.it

 3. Lada

Dear Jagath,

Looking for a reliable English speaking driver+guide?

We were in Sri Lanka in November 2005 where we travelled for 14 days all around the country. Before we went to Sri Lanka I found on the net recommendations on a driver who I now, after my own experience, can warmly recommend to everybody who wants to see and learn about the "real" Sri Lanka.In case anybody needs a reliable, friendly and English speaking driver and registered guide here are his details. His name is Jagath and he can be contacted under the following mail address: chamigath@yahoo.com. Jagath has a comfortable and air conditioned van. He speaks perfectly English, is professional, knowledgeable and will pick you up at the airport. His daily rate is reasonable and includes ALL guiding and car/van expenses. He is not only a driver but is also licensed guide which is in Lanka very mportant.

Enjoy your trip


E-mail : kovaroval@email.cz

 4. Meryl Moakes

Dear Jagath,

I have been telling all my family and friends about my holiday in Sri Lanka this year. I have also told them that it was you, as the tour guide, who made it such a wonderful experience. Celia and I fully intend returning one day and we very much hope that you will be our guide once again. Throughout the tour you ensured that all our requests were attended to with efficiency and promptness. I have confidently recommended you to a few people who wish to visit Sri Lanka because I know that you would work very hard and in a very professional manner i order to make their holiday in Sri Lanka an unforgettable experience.

I wish you and your family all the very best.

Meryl Moakes

E-mail : mez51@hotmail.co.uk

 5. Paul & Jacqueline

Dear Jagath,

We visited Sri Lanka for 10 days in April 2012. We really enjoyed our holiday which gave a good impression of the wide variety of things you can see and do in this beautiful country. Jagath is a very reliable driver, will never over speed and brings you anywhere you like. His English is good and his knowledge about Sri Lanka in general and especially Buddhist temples is very good. During longer trips he would suggest some restaurant where we could eat and we never got ill and it was always tasty. He is very discreet and modest and will never sit at your table or force you to visit certain shops if you don't want. His van is in good condition, has proper seatbelt and easily fits a family of six people.

Paul & Jacqueline with 2 children (4/6 years), Muscat, April 2012

E-mail : vledderpaul@gmail.com

 6. Fulya Kreuch

Dear Sri Lanka traveller,

As I know, it is not easy to find remotely a reliable tour-guide, who can drive you around Sri Lanka, I’d like to share our experience in Sri Lanka with you.

Jagath Wijesiri was recommended to us by a friend who travelled recently to Sri Lanka. From the point I have contacted Jagath, he has shown us that he is a professional and reliable tour guide. He responded to my e-mail with a confirmation of availability on those dates and a full back-up of his background. One day before our trip, he called me on my mobile to confirm the date and time of the flights and he was at the airport waiting for us when we arrived in Sri Lanka.

We were 2 couples and spent 12 days in Sri Lanka on the road with him. We were very pleased with his services; Jagath is an absolute fine person, very polite, honest, who tries to accommodate the needs to his customers fully, making the right suggestions for travel itineraries and the places to stay overnight. He speaks fluent English. At the time we were in Sri Lanka (Dec 2011), he had an air-conditioned Toyota van, well-kept and always clean. He is a very careful driver.

Jagath is one of the not too many authorized tour guides in Sri Lanka, which is an additional benefit because you do not need to look for a guide at the historical sites to assist you with the entrance or with the history of the site; Jagath handles it for you.

All in all, I’d like to thank Jagath again for his services and can recommend him to everyone, who wants to have an honest, competent, polite tour guide / driver in Sri Lanka.

You can verify me on Trip Advisor – my member name is: Fulyetta and my public profile is: www.tripadvisor.com/members/Fulyetta And I attach a photo of Jagath with us, which was taken by my husband.

 7. Mrs. Ilse Maria Bruckner (BDÜ) and Mr. Siegfried C. Fay M.A

Dear Jagath,

This letter of recommendation is for presentation with any authorities or customers who wish to inquire about Mr. Chaminda Jagath Wijesiri´s qualities as a travel guide and a driver. Our company is a qualified and well-established language services agency in Germany, working in the fields of translating, certifying translated documents, interpreting, proof-reading, editing and working on book projects. I am a state-examined translator of English.

Together with my partner, Mr. Siegfried C. Fay M.A., I visited Sri Lanka from 16 December 2003 to 6 January 2004. Our visit had some defined purposes: we planned to meet a friend, a Buddhist monk, to work on a book project with him; we wanted to visit some universities and talk to heads of language departments; and we intended to have a look at possible business contacts with Sri Lankan companies. Of course we also wanted to travel through Sri Lanka to see this beautiful country, which we did about half of the time.

Mr. Wijesiri proved to be a most reliable, efficient, polite and helpful travel guide. His abilities as a driver are outstanding, especially from the perspective of foreigners who may not be used to the Sri Lankan style of driving. He was always there when needed and kept his appointments always on time. If the need arose to get any goods or any kinds of food or drink, he always knew where to find it, and he went on lots of useful errands for us. His recommendations of board and lodging during our trips through Sri Lanka were most useful, and we always felt well looked after. Moreover, his good knowledge of English and of the culture and history of his country were, together with his sense of humour, really entertaining. So we were always in the best of moods when travelling with him, and we felt that we could absolutely trust in him as he is really honest. At times we were accompanied by two Buddhist monks (the well-known author Venerable S. Dhammika from Australia and our Austrian friend, Samanera Pajalo), and they also much appreciated his services.

Summing up we can say that Mr. Wijesiri´s service was excellent, and we can highly recommend him as a travel guide and a driver to any company, group or individual who may plan to travel through Sri Lanka.

We wish to thank him for his outstanding commitment on his job, and we are wishing him much success for his future career and his private life.

Mrs. Ilse Maria Bruckner (BDÜ) and Mr. Siegfried C. Fay M.A

Übersetzungen Beglaubigungen,Dolmetschen,Korrektur-Service,Lektorat

Tel : 06652 – 992 952, Mobile : 0170 – 804 14 93,Fax : 06652 – 992 954

E-mail : info@bruckner-sprachendienste.de, Web Site : www.bruckner-sprachendienste.de

 8. Mr Richard Allen & Mrs Elaine Allen

Dear Chaminda Jagath Wijesiri,

On the recommendation of the Buddhist Publication Society in Kandy, my wife and I engaged Jagath Wijesiri as our driver for a visit to Sri Lanka in October 2004.

We were very happy with Mr Wijesiri’s services. His vehicle was well maintained and internally clean, and his driving throughout was careful and considerate to other road users. His knowledge of the road network and of attractive stops along the way was excellent, and he always receptive to our suggestions. His background in Sociology studies enabled him to comment effectively on much of what we saw, which added to our enjoyment. We had read that many drivers would be looking for commission on clients’ purchases at every opportunity but Mr Wijesiri was protective of our interests when unreasonably high prices were quoted. As a result of his efficient and friendly approach, we enjoyed a holiday that was very interesting but also extremely relaxing. We have already recommended Mr Wijesiri to other potential visitors to Sri Lanka.

Mr Richard Allen & Mrs Elaine Allen

6 Stoke Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 7ET, UK

Tel : 0044 1962 863380

E-mail : elric6@ntlworld.com

 8. Lee and Sarah

Dear Chaminda Jagath Wijesiri,

We contacted Jagath after finding his details on the Virtual tourist website. We contacted quite a number of drivers and Jagath was the first driver to respond with all of the details and price stated very clearly, We had read about some drivers charging extras for things like petrol and tolls but Jagath was very transparent with his prices.

When we arrived in Sri Lanka we were a little apprehensive if our driver would in fact turn up. But rest assured Jagath was right on time and had been waiting a while for us. Immediately he advised us to change some money. Within seconds he proved to be a star.

Jagath has a very pleasant, polite and sensitive demeanour. He takes note of your mood and asks the right questions. As we were on our honeymoon he gave us time and we didn't feel like our space was being compromised even though we were travelling as a group (as such). 

He advised us so much. I think for the costs we paid Jagath we actually saved in the small things along the way. Where to buy local goods from, chatting to locals to make sure we were not getting ripped off and generally acting almost like a guardian for us.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jagath and feel blessed and very luck to have found him. Chances ares we may never return to Sri Lanka (as we have done it now!)  - but if we did, we would hire Jagath again with a doubt.

Lee and Sarah Booth Dec 13

E-mail : leebooth0@gmail.com

1. Dr. Arabinda and Dr. AnupaSaha

Dear Jagath,

I, my wife and my son had an awesome vacation in Sri Lanka during October, 2013. We did the whole tour for 14 days with Chaminda Jagath Wijesiri, a young, educated, energetic and flexible guide. I rarely find myself serious in writing a letter of recommendation especially for a tour guide. But Jagath deserves it because he was exceptional in such a difficult business.

From the beginning he was deeply involved in helping us plan our itinerary and continued to be a source of advice and support throughout the time we spent there. For me and my family, he was a superb guide to tour with. His passion for his duties are highly laudable. His encyclopedic knowledge about the places in Sri Lanka, it’s history and culture was more than fascinating. He was also very keen to know about my country, India.

His Toyota Allioncar was so comfortable that you cannot avoid having a nap during the ride. He is also a superb and careful driver.

He has a very valuable resource about the country &it’s environs in him and we would hope to have him again as our guide if we visit the island again.

I wish him and his family all the best. We shall never forget our trip and shall recommend his services to anyone…………, of any age, who wants to experience the amazing Sri Lanka in a truly magnificent way.

January, 2014

Dr. Arabinda and Dr. AnupaSaha

Tel : 09830013150

Email : drsaha61@gmail.com

2. Dr T.G Rajagopalan and Meera Rajagopalan

Dear Chaminda Jagath Wijesiri,

I rarely find myself writing a letter ogf recommendation for a tour guide, but Jagath you were exceptional in adifficult business, so we thank you for our wonderful visit to your country.I am sending this personal copy to you to use in any way that may help your business.

We contacted Chaminda jagath Wijesiri in January for a last minute trip to Sri Lanka in February 2014 and found that from the start of our experience, he was professional, reliable and a man of his word. My wife & I are experienced travellers and happily use local guides,but even with that , Jagath exceeded our expectations!He communicates constantly with you and answers any questions you might have regarding the trip.

He is honest and told us directly the places to avoid for buying gemstones.He did not require a deposit & waited for payment until the end of the trip....quite remarkable. he was waiting for us at arrival hall of Colombo airport and helped us in getting a local SIM card and money changed to local currency..He handled all our visits to tourist attractions extremely well and was very helpful in guiding us to the right shops for buying gemstones.

Not only did we travel everywhere in Sri Lanka, but we saw wonderful things few tourists see! It was a perfect trip for us and it was made even better by our guide who educated us on the history and culture of the country as well as letting us stop to buy local food whenever we wanted...Jagath kept his word on every promise, providing us with as AC car , and a knowledgeable guided tour at a very fair price. I have no reservations recommending his services. We left Sri Lanka knowing that our experience was was exceptional compared to that offered by many tour companies.

Thanking you,

March 2014-03-11

Dr T.G Rajagopalan and Meera Rajagopalan

Chennai, India

Tel : 091 94440 432777

Email : rajagod@vsnl.com

 1. Mr Josh Dinkler

Dear Jagath,

I hope you are well and happy. We had SUCH an incredible time in Sri Lanka with you. Thanks again for everything you did for us in preparation and during our time together there.

Here is a link to the video I made of our trip:

All the best...!!!

Josh Dinkler


E-mail : josh.dinkler@gmail.com

 2. Mr Tammy & Mrs Ram Porat

Dear Jagath,

I could not figure how to upload a testimonial on your web site. So here it is below –please handle it. Thanks! We are a 50 years old couple from Israel. We recently travelled for a week with Jagath and had the great time. Jagath's knowledge and patience led us around Sri Lanka exactly the way we wanted it. It was a superb mixture of culture & nature. Jagath warm personality made this intensive week interesting and fun altogether.

We highly recommend exploring Sri Lank with him.

Thank you Jagath, we hope to see you again, in Sri Lanka or here in Israel!

Tammy & Mrs Ram Porat


E-mail : tammyporat@gmail.com

 3. Mark and Karen

Dear Jagath,

Jagath is the best guide anyone can hope for. Sweet, patient, very knowledgeable and very aware of the needs of his clients, he will do his best to make sure you only visit the best places and stay at the most beautiful and scenic hotels. It was a true pleasure to discover Sri Lanka with him. He helped us plan our trip from A to Z, and provided a very comfortable car for the duration of our stay. Visiting cultural and historical sites, safaris, spas, and beautiful natural spaces were all on the schedule.

Mark and Karen from Lebanon


E-mail : abisaabkaren@gmail.com

 4. Suzi and Giora

Dear Jagath,

Sorry for missing this e mail, but better late than never.
As for recommendation let me phrase it in the following sentences:
It was an extraordinary pleasure to meet you in Sri Lanka and be guided by you on the first 9 days. Your knowledge and background were very much appreciated and we had the pleasure to learn from you a lot regarding the history of this country together with the geographical and the theological background. We are pleased to recommend you to various friends here in Israel so they can enjoy the same warm hospitality we received from you.

All the best

Suzi and Giora from Israel

E-mail : Yahav.Giora@microsoft.com

 5. Meg Herrera

Dear Jagath,

Jagath picked us up from the airport in Colombo where we then headed to Kandy. We stopped for a quick breakfast at a very clean, reasonably priced local restaurant by the suggestion of Jagath. We spent one night in Kandy and then drove to Bentota Beach. The tour was a lot of driving time for Jagath, but he consistently drove safely and was willing to stop when we wanted to. He avoided tourist trap areas unless we asked to go and frequently warned us about when we should buy souvenirs and when we should wait for another shop/location. He helped us try different fruits on the roadside and explore other things we spotted out of the window. The van was comfortable and clean, our group had 3 adults and one baby in a carseat - we had plenty of space. Jagath was a wonderful driver and guide, but he went above and beyond his job when our 9 month old baby became sick. He took us to a local hospital and stayed with us to make sure all was ok. Then, we called him in the middle of the night to take us back to the hospital. He was there within 10 minutes and took us again to the hospital. He was most supportive and helpful in this stressful situation. Before the baby was sick Jagath would offer to hold him so we could explore or eat, he was great with him! He even called the day after we arrived back home to check on our son and see that we arrived ok. I can not recommend Jagath enough - you will not regret hiring him. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Jagath - I am sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to you, hopefully we will see you for another trip again! Take good care of yourself and your family and thank you so much for your help with Milo, it was reassuring to have you there to help us.

Take care,


E-mail : megherrera@gmail.com

Tel : 0097334447018

 6. Caline, Mary, Rayan and Patrick

Dear Jagath,

Our contact with Jagath started way before our trip to Sri Lanka,he was of great help in the organization of our journey.He is a very reliable person and shared knowledge and experience about places to visit, hotels, activites ... He easily adapts to any plan you decide even if it is a last minute change. He is very discreet and trustworthy(We even left our bags for a whole night in his possession).His van is in good condition and well maintained

We highly recommend him for your journey in Sri Lanka.

Thank you Jagath for your assistance and patience!

Caline, Mary, Rayan and Patrick from Lebanon

September 2013